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5 Major Things to Consider when deciding where to Buy Your Home and Auto Insurance

Posted on 2016-05-25 10:49 AM . By Frank DiIlio

Consumers are being bombarded with advertising these days, this can confuse even the savviest insurance shopper into making an ill-informed decision.  When it comes time to buy Home and Auto Insurance and ads are coming at us from every direction; how do you know who to trust? 

Bonding for Contractors

Posted on 2016-05-04 11:17 AM . By Frank DiIlio

So you’re a Contractor and things are going pretty well, but you'd like to start bidding on Public Tenders.  You start by picking up that first tender package and find that you cannot bid the project unless you provide a Bid Bond and Agreement to Bond.  Further into the Tender Specs you see that even if you manage to bid the project and land it, you will also need to provide a Performance Bond and a Labour and Material Payment Bond. Sound Complicated?

Electronic Bonds - The Future Or The Present

Posted on 2016-04-11 1:45 PM . By Frank DiIlio

Is it me, or is technology sneaking up on us faster and faster than we had anticipated? It would seem that Electronic Bonds (used by Contractors in the bidding process) is one of those technologies whose day has come. As an Insurance Broker specializing in Construction Clientele, our Insurance Brokerage has embraced the ability to start replacing the traditional paper Surety Bonds with a digital or electronic version, which allows Contractors the ability to attach a fully secured and verifiable Tender Document (Bid Bond and/or an Agreement to Bond) to their bid which is fully compatible with most of the more popular tendering platforms being used by both Government and the Private sector today. It seems like yesterday that St. Andrews Insurance Brokers participated in a mock bid put on by the City Newmarket along with two of our Construction Clients, but that was about two years ago. Aside from a rare bid here and there I didn't see or expect that the Electronic Bonds would be widely accepted and r ...