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2016-05-17 12:37 PM

6 Car Safety Innovations to keep an eye on!

Today car manufacturers are making cars safer and more crash-proof than ever before. Innovations in materials, GPS technology and microchips have made several potentially life-saving technologies cost-effective and affordable for the car buyer. Car safety devices and features can be split into two categories: Passive devices such as seat belts and airbags, and active devices, which proactively assist drivers in avoiding accidents. In most cases the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tells the insurance company which safety features a particular vehicle has and plays a factor in resulting insurance premiums. 1) Intelligent Airbags In the old days, airbags could prove almost as dangerous to smaller drivers and passengers as the crash itself. They deployed with such force that smaller and lighter crash victims could be injured. The new generation of bags takes into account the size of the crash victim, and their forward speed, and automatically make adjustments to compensate, resulti ...

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