2016-07-15 3:38 PM

Pokemon GO! Play Safe. Have Fun!

Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation with its immense popularity, and it hasn't even officially launched in Canada yet!  Walking around in the real world trying to catch Pokemon feels nostalgic and thrilling, not to mention introducing a whole new generation to the Pokemon phenomenon.  

Players need to make sure they’re careful when trying to catch them all! Several people already managed to hurt themselves or get into sticky situations while playing this reality game.

Always be aware of your surroundings!
Although the app gives you a warning about this on startup, it should be stressed how important this is. Many players become so occupied finding Pokemon, they become unaware of where they are or where they’re walking and end up in disastrous situations. Several people have managed to hurt themselves by not paying attention to where they were walking. 

Don’t Pokemon Go and drive!
It should go without saying, but there have been many who have gotten into car accidents while being distracted by this game.  If you’re driving, focus on driving. Save Pokemon Go for later.

Do not trespass into other people’s properties!
There are reports of players travelling into private properties and getting charged with trespassing. Stay off private property that isn’t yours. 

Play in groups!
Playing in groups is a safe way to play the game. People have been posting false Pokemon sightings in order to lure unsuspecting players into possible dangerous situations.  Avoid this by playing in groups, especially in remote areas and at night.

If all players keep these few safety tips in mind, Pokemon Go is sure to be a fun and engaging  game that will surely be talked about for years to come (or until the next coolest game emerges!).


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